Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thoughts about Thing #2

I have read the articles recommended and viewed the video. I have spent time thinking about what I have read and viewed. A thread throughout many of these is the need for libraries to stay relevant to the customer. I agree that Libraries and library staff must keep up with the demand for new technologies and constantly re-evaluate library services. The reworking of the design and services to meet the new demands from customers, both tech savvy and the more traditional focused services can sometimes seem to be worlds on a collision course. And to add another cliché it would take the Wisdom of Solomon to come up with the perfect balance to provide everything to everyone on demand. It seems to be a question often of not if the library provides a software or a particular technology but how much technical assistance staff can provide to the customer in using that technology.

Change can be very good, certainly the welcoming and customer friendly orientation of the 21st century library has definitely taken great leaps forward from my first childhood forays to the library.

I definitely endorse the philosophy that the library needs to be constantly evaluating core services, what and how these are delivered and adopting and adjusting as needed to stay relevant to the changing customer base. And that the library 5-10 years out will be different from today as today is from 5-10 years ago.

I hope that this evolution will still embrace and support the customers that still want to have a spot in the library that is a comfortable inviting and somewhat quiet cozy nook to settle down and read a newspaper/ magazine/ or book (whether in print or online) and drink a beverage (in a container with a lid) without the interference of a loud cell phone ring tone or cell phone conversation interfering with their library experience.

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